There are surely many questions that you are seeking answers to. There is a great variety of information sources, experts are difficult to find and good science can seem unattainable. In order to reduce uncertainty and guide your decisions, Immerscience can assist you.

Whether using our scientific curation services (documentation and science vulgarisation) or project management, we will make science accessible. We offer professional, transparent and confidential services.

Do you need :

  • an overview or an update on a scientific topic
  • to communicate and transmit science
  • to make a decision based on valid, relevant and exhaustive information
  • access to science published in English and French
  • consultation in the scientific approach and methodology


Co-writing of podcast scenarios for young people (10-12 years old). Scientific vulgarisation on the theme “In my head, in my body”.

“In your head, in your body, things are happening right now, and it will happen throughout your life. This podcast series focuses on mental and physical health, sexuality, emotions, and all that goes with it. We talk about depression, love, consent, gender, puberty, intimacy, and no taboos.”

For 10 years old and up

Emmanuelle finds that her dad’s behavior has changed in recent weeks. He is bored, sad and does not laugh anymore or come out of the apartment anymore. One day, she discovers on the kitchen table a box of pills with the inscription antidepressants … From there, she will try to understand what strange virus has infected her dad, while multiplying the attempts to make him smile.

Dec 6, 2017

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings one can experience in life. It gives butterflies in the belly, it makes you feel strong, beautiful, and like being the king or queen of the world. But it can also hurt, and leads to many questions. In this podcast, we discuss love, yes, but also consent, sexual relations, and respect for others.

Jan 9, 2018

Adapted from the fifth edition of the developmental psychology book “Les âges de la vie” and created “MonLab” a digital add-on containing case studies, hands-on and interactive activities, multiple-choice questions, and PowerPoint presentations.

Book adaptation and creation of pedagogical material at the college and university level (curation and scientific adaptation in psychology) available at Éditions ERPI.

Website creation and document research for the first French-language portal on sleep and biological rhythms of the Fondation Sommeil in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM), Fondation Sommeil and Bureau Recherche-Développement-Valorisation (BRDV) of Montreal University.

“Do you have a sleep disorder or want to know new discoveries about it? Do not blink on it!

On Sleep Day 2017, Fondation Sommeil is pleased to launch its portal created thanks to the collaboration of the  Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM), Immerscience and the Bureau Recherche-Développement-Valorisation (BRDV)  of Montreal University.

This portal will introduce you to the most recent advances in the study of sleep and biological rhythms by putting all the information researchers from the CARSM have transmitted to us in recent years at your fingertips, and in one place. The portal and its search engine provides access to the work of internationally recognized researchers in a user-friendly and accessible way.

You will be invited to read short texts or listen to radio interviews, watch videos, all more relevant than the next.”

Scientific Curation for seasons 2, 3 and 4 of the documentary series “The adventures of the Pharmachien”.

The adventures of the Pharmachien dissects false truths and popular beliefs in health with incisive humor. Inspired by the successful blog, the series looks each week at a question by pharmacist Olivier Bernard, aka the Pharmachien.

Document research and scientific validation for the graphic novel: « Pénis de Table ».

Scientific vulgarisation and communication: excerpts broadcasted on France 2 during the show “Je t’aime etc …” in fall 2017


How do we dive into science?

Our scientific curation process is inspired by information literacy, which focuses on a wide range of skills necessary to address your information needs. Since we work in various science fields, we can also talk about scientific literacy.

Together we take the time to properly target your needs and thus determine the depth of your dive:

Locate:  Within the ocean of sources we locate pearls of knowledge.

Organize: we collect knowledge from scientific databases and we will organize them in a database or a bibliography.

Evaluate: we scrutinize the sources and their content with our scientific expertise.

Understand: we can analyze and synthesis the pearls of knowledge in the format of your choice (sheet, book, video, computer graphics, etc.)

Communicate: Since scientific communication is also part of our skillset. As a team, we can help you to communicate your message effectively, thanks to our skills in pedagogy, scientific communication and knowledge transfer. 

Make use in an ethical manner: the final outcome of this process will allow you to use each of these pearls of knowledge to reach your goals.