Our promise: digestible, unbiased science tailored to your needs.


Our promise: digestible, unbiased science tailored to your needs.

Teenagers’ sleep, the cornerstone of their mental health

Popularizing science

Online December 2022

Dialogue 2020-21 Grant – Researcher Component – FRQ – Mathieu Pilon, Ph.D., Université de Sherbrooke

Collaborative challenge and valid information on sleep – by and for – teenagers and their entourage #PNPDD

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Online in January 2022

Dialogue 2020-21 Grant – Researcher Component – FRQ – Evelyne Touchette, Ph.D., UQTR

Co-constructed website on the science of sleep for toddlers (0-5 years) and their parents.

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Online in May 2022

Popularizing science.

Published under Creative Commons license – July 2021.

Scientific curation of seasons 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 and 6 (2017-2021)

Available in Canada on TOU.TV

Curation and scientific validation

Science series, produced by MAD Films in coproduction with ARTE, Corsaires VFX and Balanga. Written by Pierre Lergenmüller.

Available on ARTE and TOU.TV

“Rolling out the red carpet to teach resilience: showcasing the good works of supervisors and
evidence-based practices”.

Development, co-construction and facilitation of webinars and tools for supervisors at CIUSSS Centre-Ouest de l’Île de Montréal.

Spring-Summer 2021.

“Journalist Lauren Malka wanted to delve into the mystery of love (…) with the complicity of Catherine Lord, we have a front-row seat in Justine’s brain to observe, at the molecular level, the great upheaval of desire and attachment.”

Released March 24, 2021.

Development and delivery of 3 one-hour webinars on ICT and health – June 2020.

Available online on the TIC et Santé Youtube channel.

Counterpoint “Cachez ce cerveau que je ne saurais voir” by Catherine Lord

Opinion piece in response to the issues addressed in the play – available on request.

Released in November 2020.

La puce à l’ oreille podcast – “Stress” (less than 10 minutes). Narrative audio content for children.

Text: Lucie Laumonier, in collaboration with Catherine Lord and Julie Andrews.

Online Spring 2020.

Bilingual scientific popularization reviewed by patients, practitioners and researchers.

Dormez là-dessus – Sleep on it! a Canadian public health sleep campaign promoting the importance of sleep in maintaining good health.

Online in autumn 2019

Scientific curation for Cookie Kalkair.

“Often funny, sometimes raw, always documented and never salacious, Pénis de table shakes up dogma and explores a new image of the man. At a time when women’s sexuality is much questioned, Cookie Kalkair liberates the male voice, which was sorely needed.”

Released in Quebec and France in 2018

La puce à l’ oreille podcasts – Two large formats (approx. 20 minutes). Narrative audio content on depression and love created in collaboration with Magneto.

Text: Marie-Laurence Rancourt, in collaboration with Catherine Lord and Julie Andrews.

Online 2017-2018

Adaptation of a college and university textbook.

The scientific content has been updated to include Quebec research and adapted to provide a more global understanding of human development, with the addition of integrative diagrams.

Development of digital teaching materials.

Released in 2017.

“On the occasion of Sleep Day 2017, Fondation Sommeil is pleased to launch its portal created through the collaboration of CÉAMS, Immerscience and the Bureau Recherche-Développement-Valorisation (BRDV) of the Université de Montréal.”

Online in winter 2017.

They dived in with us:

La Société Marcé Francophone

L’association francophone pour la promotion de la santé mentale et de la psychiatrie périnatales (French-speaking association for the promotion of perinatal mental health and psychiatry)