Our promise: digestible, unbiased science tailored to your needs.


Our promise: digestible, unbiased science tailored to your needs.

“Each episode of the documentary TV series Les Aventures du Pharmachien requires a colossal amount of research work, which can hardly be delegated since critical analysis of the scientific literature is a rare talent, even among scientists themselves. To this end, Catherine Lord and her team at Immerscience have done an incredible job, far exceeding my expectations. Their research is precise, exhaustive, structured and, above all, well synthesized in easy-to-understand roadmaps. Not only did working with Immerscience free up an enormous amount of time for me to concentrate on other aspects of the series, but I also knew I could have complete confidence in the quality of their work. And that’s priceless!”

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Olivier Bernard, B.Pharm., M.Sc.
Les aventures du Pharmachien

“In collaboration with Immerscience, we developed the idea of bringing together all the interviews, popularized texts and videos produced by researchers at the Centre d’études avancées en médecine du sommeil (CEAMS) in a single location. We had 2 objectives: to promote research on sleep and circadian rhythms, and to offer valid information to build bridges with those who are concerned – all of us. One year later, we can say mission accomplished. The sleep portal exists and is hosted by another valuable collaborator, Fondation Sommeil. From a joint idea was born the first French-speaking portal on sleep. The creation of the portal was subsidized by the Bureau de la Recherche (BRDV) of the Université de Montréal.”

“The Immerscience team, professional and attentive to our needs, delivered relevant documentation and material well beyond our expectations. For us, they targeted the right data from a mountain of information. Their contribution to our writing process is clearly remarkable and worthy of mention. Quite frankly, a job well done!”

Amélie Gilbert
Content Coordinator
Les Aventures du Pharmachien 2 and 3

“Immerscience has been a great help in finding and verifying useful statistics and information for my blog. My readers appreciate knowing “more” and being able to get solid, relevant information!”

Charles «Cookie» Kalkair

“Julie Andrews and Catherine Lord are passionate about science, with all the openness, curiosity and critical thinking that implies. Qualities that are much appreciated when preparing an educational book on psychology! It was a pleasure to be able to count on their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to pass on their knowledge.”

Liette Beaulieu
Editorial Project Manager