Our promise to you: Digestible, unbiased science tailored to your needs.


Notre promesse: de la science digeste, non-biaisée et adaptée à vos besoins.

Our services guarantee you time savings and productivity as well as peace of mind in the face of information overload (infobesity) and misinformation.

Our information science experts and science consultants (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) are trustworthy.

They will adapt to your curation, coaching or knowledge brokering needs thanks to their multidisciplinary profile and their field expertise.

We are waiting for you to dive into science!

Science curation

Find, aggregate and share the most relevant scientific content for you (aggregation, content distillation, targeting, etc.)

Coaching in information science, research and knowledge transfer

Help to develop your skills and find your own solutions

Knowledge brokering and scientific communication

Communicating and transmitting science using evidence-based practices

How do we dive into science?

Our scientific curation process is inspired by information literacy, which focuses on a wide range of skills necessary to address your information needs. Since we work in various science fields, we can also talk about scientific literacy.

Together we take the time to properly target your needs and thus determine the depth of your dive:

Locate: within the ocean of sources we locate pearls of knowledge.

Organize: we collect knowledge from scientific databases and we will organize them in a database or a bibliography.

Evaluate: as expert divers, we scrutinize the sources and their content with our scientific expertise.

Understand: we analyze and synthesis the pearls of knowledge in the format of your choice (sheet, book, video, computer graphics, etc.)

Communicate: we communicate science, thanks to our skills in pedagogy, scientific communication and knowledge transfer.

Make use in an ethical manner: the final outcome of this process will allow you to use each of these pearls of knowledge to reach your goals

You will work in pairs with us and you will be part of a team of divers.

Figure adapted by Esther McSween, Ph.D.