Immerscience dives into science

For 9 years now, we’ve been delving into health-related science alongside you.

Our services guarantee you time savings, productivity gains and peace of mind in the face of information overload (infobesity) and misinformation.

To make scientific knowledge bubbles accessible, we offer

  • knowledge brokerage (transfer and mobilization)
  • scientific communication
  • scientific curation
  • scientific coaching

Immerscience is a network of trusted experts. Whether we’re scientists by training, information professionals, web enthusiasts or creative people with a passion for science, we can adapt to your needs thanks to our multi-disciplinary profiles and our expertise in the field.

Our promise to you

Digestible, unbiased science tailored to your needs.


Who we are

Catherine Lord, Ph. D. Neuroscience
Founder and partner,
Broker of scientific knowledge in healthcare

CV – August 2020

Julie Andrews, Ph. D. Neuroscience
Co-founder and partner,
Scientific health consultant

CV – August 2020

Catherine and Julie are the two cerebral hemispheres of Immerscience (neuroscientist joke, no judging please). Their longstanding complicity and shared passion for research and teaching led them to the adventure of scientific entrepreneurship. After their doctoral research in psychoneuroendocrinology (we try to use this word as often as possible in our conversations), they pursued post-doctoral studies, eventually branching out into multi-disciplinary career paths.

Catherine will support you in all your projects, because she’s taken the plunge and assumes more and more responsibility as an entrepreneur (ah the imposter syndrome). Under the stars of Provence (long live teleworking!), she divides her time between her two babies, Immerscience and Robin. She skis and scuba dives as often as possible, is a master of dubious metaphors and loves to learn and listen. She’s known for her ability to bring ideas and people together, a true “star” agent.

Julie is a college teacher and co-founder of Immerscience. She loves cycling and skiing with her son, and enjoying life with family and friends. Always ready to go, smiling and ready to listen, she’s the business partner with whom anything is possible.

Our values

The science

Although science doesn’t have the answer to everything, we’re convinced that research findings have their place in decision-making.


Depending on your needs, our level of involvement can range from simple accompaniment to the complete execution of a job, via a training workshop.

Free access

We believe in free science and the democratization of information. We play an active role in making research results accessible.


Our processes are documented and freely accessible.